Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rainy Days and Relaxing

If you live in California then you know that it's been raining like crazy this weekend! Now I understand that a Californian's idea of "crazy" rain and anyone from any other part of the country, is pretty different. BUT, my street was turned into a river and the wash I live next to was so flooded I couldn't get out until late in the by California standards this is CRAZY! And as any mommy out there knows, rainy days mean little to no playing outside, and little to no playing outside means a grumpy toddler who has meltdowns over EVERYTHING! And when I say everything I do mean everything, like crying because I gave her the banana she asked for, or not playing with the playdoh the way she wants me to.  Needless to say this resulted in quite a few time outs today.  Finally, I gave up and put her boots and rain coat on and let her run around the backyard and roll in the mud with the dogs. I honestly didn't care how filthy or soaking wet she got all that mattered was that my little supernova of energy was being expelled outside and NOT causing my hair to turn grey.  After about 20 minutes or so she went on a rain filled golf cart ride with daddy. After that she determined for her self that it was "too wet' outside for anymore playing and promptly curled up on the couch and watched cartoons for maybe 5 minutes before she slipped into the heavenly coma like sleep that only physically and mentally exhausted moms pray for. This allowed for my dear sweet hubby and I to cuddle on the couch, enjoy the rain, and a nice movie. I love little days like this, where we are able to enjoy each other as a family despite the ad weather, and when my little love bug gets to explore a world thats different from her normal one (today it just so happened to be a wet, muddy, dirty world).

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