So, the title pretty much says it all...my life is chaos, as are the lives of almost all moms (except for those crazy "super moms" that make us all look at ourselves in complete disgust). Yeah, that's not me, I'm a "real" mom.  You know, balancing an attention starved (farthest from it) toddler, a husband you works like mad, friends, my own job, adding to our family...oh yeah and those pesky house chores.  This is a real blog, for real mommies, you know the ones that may let their child watch one extra episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, because I'm trying to get the last of the work emails out, or who has to choose between a spotless house and dinner for the night...if dinner even makes it on the table (I work late so my amazing hubby usually covers that).  But despite the (sometimes) controlled chaos, this is my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world! This blog is a way for me to get all those "mommy" thoughts out...especially since the vast majority of my friends don't have kids yet.

Well, now that you've seen how my ramblings (hence the blog title) go, let me explain how this thing is set up. This is my "home" page, where you get to read, and re-read the wonderful batch of word-vomit above. BUT, don't distress, you will also see that there are tabs at the top of the page where you can maneuver to the more exciting pages of the blog. Some are works in progress and are going to be added as I go. Well, I hope you enjoy getting a sneak peak into my crazy life, and I hope you're able to find some amount of relevance and camaraderie in it.

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