Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sloomb Baby Blanket-Product Review

A couple days ago I made another stop at Earth Baby Boutique for a cloth diaper sell, trade, buy event and of course I had to go shopping!!!  While I was there I got a Sloomb baby blanket from the store manager. I instantly knew this was a different kind of baby blanket.  It was packaged in a sealed plastic bag and I could still smell this amazing smell coming from the blanket.  I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to get home to open up my new treat!
Oh my gosh you guys!!! The moment I opened the packaging I was hit with the most wonderfully amazing smell of peppermint!!!! I instantly fell in love with this blanket. I quickly took it out of the bag, and it is seriously the SOFTEST BLANKET I HAVE EVER FELT!  I'm not even joking, I literally sat in the babies room in the rocking chair holding and smelling this blanket. And I know baby Charlie likes it as well because he was wiggling and kicking up a storm!! The peppermint smell isn't on top of the fabric but infused in the fabric, because even after washing the blanket, the smell is still there! The blanket is also pretty cool because it's not super 
thick, but it's not as thin as a receiving blanket, so it is perfect for use on evening outings, during transitional seasons (spring/fall), or for play time. I plan to especially use this for play time because it's thick enough to give him comfort during play but not so thick that I have to worry about suffocation or fibers getting in his mouth. This would also make a really great nursing cover as well, because it's really breathable on top of it.  You guys, I can't even explain to you how much I love this blanket. I actually took one of the blankets that I had packed for the baby's hospital bag and put this Sloomb blanket in it's place because it's so awesome! Another thing that I like is that it's made of all natural fibers! It's made of 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% organic cotton, so you don't have to worry about man made fibers, chemicals, etc, perfect for baby! Oh, and it comes in three adorable colors: Montauk (mint)-that's the one I have, Rail (grey), and sunshine (yellow). The colors are not too loud but aren't the regular "dull" color you see when dealing with most organic cotton fibers, so I really like that. I always want to use organic fibers, but the colors are always so bland, no here!!!
 Lastly, another great thing about this blanket is that it is relatively large. I laid it out in the nursery and it took up the main center part of his nursery. I REALLY like this because this will allow my daughter to lay next to her brother while he's hanging out during play time. It's also great for when he starts to roll, because it will take him a good few attempts to get off the blanket and onto the hard floor. And when I say the blanket is decent size it is, its about 35' X 37' so there is substantial room for toys, siblings, and plenty of rolling!
 Oh! It's also affordable (I know this keeps getting better and better). It's $25, which when you look at other good quality blankets this size, it's WAY on the affordable side. Especially when you take into consideration that amazing smell that is in the fibers that will add to your baby's already wonderful baby smell.  I really hope I was able to express how happy I am with this blanket. I am probably going to go and get the grey one next time I'm at Earth Baby Boutique, because I am just that obsessed with it! My daughter has even told me she wants one for her bed!

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