Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Days and Craft Days

Today I had my month exam with my OB! Today was also Isabella's first time going to my OB's office and seeing the baby! She was so excited to see her baby brother, and he was moving so much, we even got to see him suck his thumb!! It was so cute watching Isabella become so happy and excited to see those grainy pictures of her baby brother, she didn't want to let the print outs go!! My doctor's appointment was pretty early in the morning so we were able to do some craft things today as well.  I've been having some really bad ligament and sciatic nerve pain, and today was especially bad, so it was a very relaxing day.

When we got home I decided to finish Isabella's craft corner that I had been working on for a while.  I had already taken the table we got from a garage sale and painted the top with purple chalk paint.  I then lined an old cookie tray with some bright pastel fabric, so she could have her own magnet board to display her art work.

I then went and bought five metal garden canisters from Michael's. They were on sale for about $2 dollars each and looked so cute and had the same color scheme as her room.  I purchased three purple buckets and two green buckets to make a nice pattern on the wall.  I then found colored push pins and lined them on the wall.  I made sure that I had three purple pins and two green pins, so that way it will be easier for Isabella to know where each bucket goes.  So far she seems to be doing a pretty good job remembering where they all belong.  I then filled each bucket with various art supplies.  I decided to keep the paint and glitter glue in a sealed bucket out of her reach so she has to ask me before she busts them out!

Here are the buckets lined on the wall, I love organization!

On the other side of the table I have her coloring books and activity books in a plastic bin so she can easily access them and put them on the table.  So far it seems to be working nicely, and I really like how she can take each bucket off the wall and put it on the table while she's working or if she's going to color in another room.  Overall, this was a very simple craft/organization activity.  The painting of the chalk paint took the longest because I had to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next one, and I was really paranoid so I waited an entire day for each layer.

Here is the look of the entire craft area in the corner of her room.

It made me so happy to see how excited Isabella was about her very own "craft closet" (I have my own so she was so happy to be like mommy).  We spent a good hour or so drawing on her chalk table, and went on to make a few different craft projects.  I need to slow down with this crafting, because I need to make sure that I have some projects for when we start decorating the baby's room!

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