Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun Days

Today was a nice relaxing, fun day.  I LOVE when weekends end up like that. So on the home front, the little one and I hung out and vegged for most of the morning until grandma came to visit!!! Isabella was so pumped to see her grandma, BUT, unfortunately for us when my husband took my car to run errands he took ALL of the gate openers! So Isabella and I were stuck behind the gate waiting for the return of the openers.  When it FINALLY came we went together and ran some errands for my mom.  We went to Costco and of course grandma had to get Isabella a beautiful blue summer dress and then I found this awesome bucket of sand toys for only $10, so of course I had to get them!  Then we went home and Isabella played in our sand pit for over two hours with her toys, which was a welcome rest for this pregnant mommy!

She was so busy playing in the sand, and she loved the sand/water slide that came in the bucket.

Oh! and I also added some markers to the activity books that I made for Isabella the other day.  I purchase some dry erase markers for the dry erase book I made for her, I didn't want to have to drag around a big dry erase eraser, so I decided to put an eraser on each marker!  It was ridiculously easy to do.  I simply grabbed a handful of pom poms that I had in one of the drawers in my craft closet and hot glued one pom pom to the end of each marker!  I love it when solutions are so simple!! I guess the only down side is that she can't connect the cap of the marker to the back because of the pom, but she's three so that doesn't really happen anyway.

Here they are! Super cute and easy!! I guess if I had more colors of poms to choose from I would have color matched the pom pom to the marker, but ain't nobody got time for that!

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