Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Day at the Beach

After our fun day at Kid-Co on Friday, we decided to go to the beach on Saturday and visit family. The three of us loaded into the car and drove down the Hermosa Beach, very close to where my hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  It was so nice to be able to spend some quality family time together, and visit family that we don't usually get to see.  We visited my husbands aunt and uncle and spent the day with them. We spent a good amount of time just lounging at their house relaxing and catching up. Isabella was so excited to see her great aunt and uncle she could barely contain herself! Her aunt is always so nice, and bought her the cutest "big sister" baseball hat, a glitter coloring book, and a really cool dry erase board with special dry erase crayons...needless to say, Isabella was in heaven!
After spending time at the house we all got in the car and drove to Tony's on the Pier. The food was SO GOOD! I had some delicious fish and chips, and my hubby had this seafood pasta that he practically inhaled! Oh, and the calamari is amazing, if you ever go, you should get it.  Buy by far the best part of our lunch was when the seagulls started landing on the perch outside our window. Isabella was so excited and just enamored with them. I quickly gave her a piece of bread and her aunt helped her feed the seagulls.  This went on for at least 15 minutes! It got to the point where we had seagulls perched next to the window, a bunch in the water below catching the bread that was thrown too far, and we even had one that was on the railing right next to the window, and I swear we thought this bird was going to fly into the restaurant!!!  When the bird started to really look like he was considering flying in, we quickly shut the window so we didn't cause an incident.  After lunch we strolled along the pier looking at all of the cute little shops.  Isabella quickly found a kite shop where her aunt graciously bought her a little pinwheel, which she absolutely LOVED. After window-shopping we decided to head to the beach, because Isabella had been asking to go since we got in the car to drive to Hermosa! I tried to walk on the sand but my swollen prego feet and 8.5 month belly just weren't having it. So I stayed on the pier and watched Isabella and her daddy play in the water. I tell you there is nothing more beautiful than watching a father with his child...especially with his little girl. They spent a good 15-20 minutes chasing after the waves, and then quickly turning and running when the waves chased them back. He threw Isabella in the air and caught her before she touched the water, I could honestly hear her giggling from the pier! My husband works so hard, I truly cherish all of these special moments when he can just relax and be a big kid with his children.  We are truly blessed to call such an amazing man husband and daddy.  Once they rinsed off their feet we began walking the pier again, we passed by a gelato shop and of course I HAD to have some. It was SO delicious! I don't know what it is, but to me something about the beach makes gelato and ice-cream so much better.  It was such a wonderful weekend where we were able to create some amazing family memories together. I have never felt more blessed!

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