Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Up

I know it's been pretty quiet around here these past couple days and I'm sorry about that guys, but it's just been SO crazy this past week! It all started last Thursday night when I started feeling some pretty intense contractions that were about 10 minutes apart.  I thought that this may be "IT" so the hubby and I stayed up timing, walking and waiting, and while the contractions where hard and consistent they never became more intense or closer together. So we decided to try to get some rest.  I couldn't rest at all with contractions coming so often, but then around 1am the contractions stopped...they just STOPPED! I was so confused because these were NOT Braxton Hicks, I knew that for sure. So I ended up going to bed.

The next morning I woke up bright and early and packed my daughter up into the car and headed for my ultrasound appointment downtown.  I was feeling pretty good, minus a sore tummy, so I thought that the night before had been a fluke and thought nothing more of it.  Once I arrived at the doctors I realized that there was a scheduling mix-up, so my ultrasound wasn't going to happen that day. I decided to call my OB just to let her know what happened the night before, and she told me to go straight to labor and delivery for observation.  I have to admit I was freaking out A LOT, I called my husband in tears and he said he would be right over. I took my daughter and we went to the L&D floor and I was brought in.  At around noon the contractions started up again and they were INTENSE! The nurses checked me and I had dilated 2cm in two hours! The contractions were intense, lasting for more than a minute, and were about 5 minutes apart. My doctor said that I was moving into active labor and she thought I would be having the baby that day! I was 35 weeks and we decided that we wouldn't do anything to stop the delivery or help it along, we wanted my body to do what it needed to do. So I was admitted, my hubby took our daughter back home and got all of our hospital bags that I never put in the car because I thought I had a lot more time, and came back to the hospital.  Again the contractions lasted until 1am and then stopped and I had made NO PROGRESS. WTF!?!?!?! 

The next day the contractions started again and my doctor had us walk around L&D for an hour and a half! She wanted to see if I was truly in labor.  When I didn't dilate any more she diagnosed me with prodromal labor, which is basically extended early labor.  The doctor said it could last a couple days to a couple weeks! So my husband and I decided to leave the hospital so I could labor at home and just let my body do its own thing. When I got home I realized how much I still 
needed to do to get ready for the baby. I went through all my supplies and realized that while I have a bunch of newborn cloth diapers I didn't have enough one size cloth diapers for when baby Charlie gets bigger! I quickly went to the Earth Baby Boutique website, checked out their inventory, and then called in my order.  One of the ladies at the store lives close to me so she actually dropped off my order on her way home from work! I seriously love this place SO much-mommies helping mommies!  I then spent the rest of the night prepping my new diapers and making sure I had everything "just right" because I was SURE that this baby would be coming soon! Fast forward one week later and I am STILL having contractions and I have not dilated any more! This kid is going to be my "difficult" child I'm sure! BUT he's doing good in there and
 in the end, that's all I really want, it's just these contractions are emotionally and physically draining! I've been trying to keep our regular schedule and just work through the contractions all week, which I guess is good practice for a successful natural childbirth so that's good.  I took Isabella to dance class and we started a new 6 week music class at Earth Baby Boutique that Isabella absolutely LOVES! I can't wait for her next class.  Today I also started my first semester of MOPS (moms of preschoolers) and I am SO excited to be a part of this group of ladies! Everyone at my table seems so nice, and I am so excited to be able to make some great, close, mommy friendships where we support and guide each other.  I seriously can't wait for our next meeting in two weeks!! The only downside with all of this craziness is I am WAY behind on my housework-ugh. I plan on working on it tomorrow and trying to catch up. I don't want the baby to come home to a messy house! OH! Something else that happened this week, Isabella is becoming quite the academic! She is doing so great with her school work AND even ASKED for homework on Tuesday!!! I sat next to her while she did her work all by herself, she literally would not let me touch the papers! I was very impressed with how much her tracing and coloring in the lines has improved! We work in some pre-k books at home, but for those she usually asks for help, or at least lets me help her, so I was very impressed with her independence and her abilities. She was so proud to show her daddy and put her homework in her backpack to give to her teacher, made my heart swell.
Well that's the quick overview of all the craziness that's been going on here lately.  I have filmed some new videos as well, I just need to edit and upload them and then (once the housework is caught up) I will be back on track. I am now 36 weeks so hopefully the little guy decides to make his appearance in the next week or so, because my back is killing me!!!

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