Monday, May 12, 2014

My Pregnancy in Pictures

Okay, so this post may fit more in my pregnancy and childbirth blog, but since it also is part of my everyday life I figured I put it here!  Now these aren't "pictures' per say, but ultrasound pictures from the doctor.  I've actually been pretty lacking with taking bump pictures this pregnancy, I guess that comes with taking care of a busy toddler. But do not fear, this little one will have a fully decked out nursery just like Isabella themed!!!! So far I'm 19 weeks 3 days along and I've actually had a decent amount of ultrasounds this pregnancy because I've had some spotting so the doctors wanted to make sure everything was okay, it is, spotting actually occurs in 30% of pregnancies that go full term so I guess I'm just part of that lucky group this time around!  So without further wait her are my 19 weeks of pregnancy so far!

That little tiny speck in the middle of that weird black whole is the baby! 7 weeks 3 days gestation!
Here it is at a little over 8 weeks! It's so crazy how fast fetuses grow!! You can even see some arm and leg buds!

Here he is at 12 weeks! It's a little creepy that you can actually see his brain!

And her I am at 12 weeks!  It's a little blurry (thanks babe) but you definitely show WAY earlier your second time around.
Here he is a 16 wee!  The top picture is his back and spine, and the bottom is his face, arms, and torso (and that creepy developing brain).
And here he is today at 19 weeks 3 days!  This is a profile shot so you can see his head and torso, up close you can see his eye and nose too!
So there you go!  That has been my pregnancy in pictures so far, I hope you found it interesting and I helped you be able to read those confusing blobs on the ultrasound!  After a while you get pretty good at figuring out what is what.

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