Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two Ingredient Moon Sand!

As any parent knows keeping a toddler entertained it hard work, and it's even harder work when you and said toddler are together pretty much 24/ tend to run out of ideas after a while.  So today we took a trip to the dollar tree to find some inspiration for some fun activities.  I spent about $11 and got enough supplies for about a week of activities (some of the activities we can do over and over so that helps).  I also got her two really awesome Sesame Street workbooks for teaching her to recognize and write her letters and numbers, so that was an amazing find!  Well, for today's activity I decided to make some moon sand! If any of you are unfamiliar with moon sand it is basically sand that is mailable and holds its consistency.  It is about half as firm as play doh which make sit nice for little fingers, and is super easy to make!  I found my recipe on pinterest. The recipe on the link calls for 8 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil.  However, I found that it was still a little too flour like in consistency so I think maybe 1 1/2 cups of baby oil will be better.  I only bought enough baby oil for one cup so I will go back tomorrow so I can get the consistency right.  But even though it's a little too flour like for my taste (or feel) it still worked really well and kept her occupied for a good hour or so, and was SO excited to show daddy when he got home!


8 Cups flour: I ended up using a little more than one 2 lb bag from the dollar tree.

1 1/2-2 cups baby oil: Pour in one cup and stir, add more while stirring until you get the consistency you want.

Large plastic container with lid: The lid is really important because you can save the moon sand and keep using it!

Food coloring: This is something I added from the original recipe, I added several drops of food coloring and mixed until I got the color I wanted- I'm pretty sure this was Isabella's favorite part.

This recipe uses A LOT of flour!

We added orange food coloring, it's hard to see here but it looks pretty cool.

Isabella making 'moon rocks"
Well that's our fun and very simple activity for the day, it literally took us maybe five minutes to make, and that was because we had to measure out all the flour.  It was so cool to do with Isabella, and she loved it!  I also really like that we can put the lid on the container and we can use it over and over again!  If I did it again I would choose a slightly larger container because this one tends to spill as we dig which kind of sucks.  I think I'm going to go through her toys and find all those small trinkets kids get in goodie bags from birthdays and put them in the moon sand so we can do a sensory look and find activity!

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