Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simple Grocery and To Do Lists *Free Printable*

I don't know about any of you, but one of my favorite parts of my kitchen is my family command center.  Now I have looked at a lot command centers on Pinterest, but they all seem WAY to complicated and intricate for me.  I like to go for simplicity, and that is what I did with my command center, a simple place to hold all of my important family papers, calendar, etc. Two of the mainstays of my command center are my "To do" and "grocery" lists.  I really like having them hanging on the wall so I can quickly jot an item down right when I run out of it, or in the case of my to do list, sit down at night after dinner and write down all of the things I need to to the following day.  Now I had tried to use several different templates that I found on Pinterest, but they to seemed really complicated.  I felt like things were broken down way to much and I found myself spending more time searching for items on my lists then in the store.  So I decided to create my own lists that are clean and simple to use, so I will actually use them! Here they are below, I hope they are useful to you guys as well.


Grocery List PDF          To Do List PDF

And for those of you who are interested, here is my simple, no fuss home command center.

So, sorry for the grainy picture, I took it with my phone but it gets the job done! So here is what it all includes:

1) File Folder: Here we hold our family folder, that holds our babysitter info, emergency contact stuff, bills, etc. We also put any scratch paper we have in there for my daughter's art projects, or whatever my husband needs them for.

2) Cleaning Schedule: So I took this one off of Pinterest, although I think I'm going to redo it since I have a better idea of what works with our house.  But this is basically a break down of what cleaning activities I need to do daily and weekly. It works pretty well making sure I don't miss the little things, although I think I want to add a monthly section for the things that don't need to get done that often.

3) Calendar: This is obvious, no family can run without a calendar of some sort, it really helps me to have everything out and in the open because I have a tendency to forget things.  I don't do anything special as far as organizing the calendar, the only thing i do is I put the bills and their amount on the day they are due in red. So that way I have a very clear visual of when something is due, and the amount is there so it saves my husband and myself time when doing our biweekly budget.  Instead of going into the family binder and opening each bill, everything is right there and easy to see.  It also helps prevent any missed or late bills.

4) To Do and Grocery Lists: The ones that are hanging in the picture are the ones that linked above, very easy to access so I can quickly right things down.

5) Pen Organizer: I put our pens, business cards, and coupons her so I can easily find them.

6) Chalk Board Paint: As you can see from my daughter's scribbles, the back of the command center is chalk board paint. I like it because it gives my daughter something to do when I am cooking and it's a part in the recipe she can't help with (cutting).  I also like using it to add decorations to parties.

I hope this is all very helpful for all of you.  If you have any suggestions as to any improvements that can be made to my command center, or if you want to see anything in particular, let me know.

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