Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Simple Refrigerator Organization

Okay, upon review this title may be a little misleading.  This isn't a post about how to organize your refrigerator per-se, but how to organize all of the papers, pictures, etc that undoubtably get cluttered on the outside of your refrigerator.  I have tried so many times to find a method that kept all my papers organized, but I ended up with the same old thing, huge stacks of papers requiring multiple magnets to hold them up, leading to chaos.  This is even more of an epidemic in my household now that my daughter is in preschool and is coming home with schoolwork almost every week.  So here is my very quick and very easy DIY organization for all the papers that us moms (and dads) put on our refrigerator.


1) Clips: You can get these at your local craft store 

2) Magnets: I originally purchased the thin strips (that are in the picture) but they were very difficult to stick onto the clips and didn't hold very much weight so I moved to the larger, thicker round magnets.

3) Hot glue

Okay, so this tutorial is so easy it really doesn't need a step-by-step description, it's so easy I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner!

So basically all you do is put some hot glue on one side of the circular magnets and then put one magnet on each of the clips.  Make sure you put it on the circular part of the clip so all of the magnet will attach to the clip and fridge. And wa-la, you have  a very simple way to organize all your papers.

You can see here I was able to consolidate all of my similar papers into the clips and that left more regular magnets open for smaller individual papers, and all-in-all it make stye fridge looks more organized.  Granted I will never have a "clean" looking display at least it can be organized and display our important family papers better.

I also glued one of the clips onto our family command center so I could keep better track of all my coupons, and have them somewhere I could easily grab them, that way I wouldn't forget them on my way out the door shopping!

Well I hope you enjoyed, this ridiculously simple way to organize your fridge papers, and I hope it helps declutter your area a little more!

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