Sunday, July 20, 2014

Toddler Room Organization

I don't know about you guys, but I am a total organization freak! I love to have a place for everything...even though everything may not always be in its place. On a recent date my hubby had to literally pull me away from the window of the container store because I was in heaven! Now, with a second baby on the way my love and need for organization has multiplied ten-fold, and it's not just my little man's room that's getting a complete overhaul, my daughter's room is getting an entire organization revamp! Organizing, toddler bedrooms is by far the most difficult thing for me. They are always getting more stuff, always growing out of clothes, changing interests quickly, and their storage and organization needs are always's enough to drive you mad!!! I have been slowly trying to reorganize my daughter's room over the past few month, until yesterday I decided that wasn't going to work. I just needed to do a complete one day overhaul, in order for this to be effective, so that is what I did.  I went to to see what sort of storage solutions they had, and anything that I liked I either ordered or ran to the store and purchased.  I then spent the entire day, discarding, organizing, and cleaning my daughter;s room...she was so excited! Along the way I found some great storage solutions for some of the issues that had been bothering me for a while, and they were really cute! So I hope this helps all of you get you motivated to do some reorganizing in your little ones room!

Room Organization:

1) Office File folders. I feel so dumb for not thinking of these sooner! Before I purchased these, all of my daughter's coloring books were in a plastic bin. It was okay, but it was very easy for her to tear through it and leave a huge mess, plus books would bend  very easy.  When I purchase these office file folders from I was so excited! They came in a pack of three for about $20 and are amazing! Now all of her coloring books are right on the wall of her art corner, and are out of the way off of the floor and safe. The best part, is I was able to put the books I don't want her having free access too (like academic books she needs help with) at the top so she can't reach them!

2) Art Storage: I purchased these tins at Michael's. I purchased them for a little over a dollar and I hung them on the wall by the handles. Use them to hold all of her crayons, markers, colored pencils, and chalk. You can check out the blog post about these here.

3) Wall storage: I purchased this wall organization from Target as well.

4) Over the door shoe holder: I LOVE this thing! I got it at Target, I LOVE it. Again, it keeps everything off of the floor and in one place.  I also use it to store her hats as well. I've also seen this used to store small toys, if you have another option for shoe storage.  Very versatile and durable, perfect for toddler room storage!!!

5) P'kolino Monster storage: These are SOOOO cute! I just found these at Target and they are so adorable! I purchase the pink monster storage bin which also comes in blue and green. As well as the Green mess eater storage bin. These things are so cute, with the rope arms and little legs (seen on the mess eater). They are big and hold A LOT of stuff, and the best part is that they are very soft so you don't have to worry about your little one getting hurt if the bump or fall on them!

 Monster storage bin

Mess Eater

6) Storage Bins: When organizing your child's room, you can NEVER have too many storage bins! I try to keep my pretty organized and keep similar items together, and the storage bins close to the appropriate play areas. Here you can see all of my daughter's play food in the play food storage bin, and that is next to her play kitchen.  I find that this helps to keep down messes, as well as lost toys, because all she has to do when she's done playing is take the toys from the play kitchen, turn to her left, and drop them into the bin...easy peezy!

7) Stuffed animal wall storage: I've seen a lot of cute ideas for stuffed animal storage on pintrest, but I like the classic mesh corner wall storage I have. It's simple, very stretchy, and as you can see it holds A LOT of stuffed animals. And best of all it keeps them all off of the floor!

8) Storage bins & cubes: My daughter has a pretty big closet, and thankfully she hasn't accumulated enough clothes to fill it, so we use half of her closet space for toys.  I purchased the large square cubby bin from Target, which are great for holding her larger toys (see picture below) and we even utilize the top for large bins for her art and duplo boxes.  The three green storage bins you see, are a recent purchase, also from Target, that I have fallen in love with.  I love the clear center in the front so my daughter can actually see what's in the bins! I find that this helps prevent toys not being played with because she has forgotten what's in the bin. Oh! They come in 6 different colors, so it's pretty easy to find something to go with your color scheme.

I also got these two closet organizers from Babies R Us, and they are perfect for toy organization in the closet. They are canvas so they give and flex to accommodate different sized toys...I mean I have a giant Dora ball on the second to last one on the left!

9) Clothing Organization: With my organization I try to set my daughter up to be as successful and independent as possible.  I put all of her clothes low enough for her to reach them so she can dress herself, or at least give them to me when I ask her.  On the left of the picture I have a closet shoe rack that I purchased at Target. Since she's still small, the cubbies are the perfect size to put her shorts, pants, leggings, skirts, and pajamas. It's very convenient to have everything right there for her, and I don't have to worry about her trying to open an heavy dresser drawers and pinching her fingers or hurting her toes! I then just hung up her dresses and shirts with hangers from Babies R Us. I seperatated her clothes into two sets: dresses and regular shirts.  That way she knows which ones need bottoms and which don't...again setting her up for successful independent dressing. At the bottom of the picture you can see a pink bin that I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond, which I use for her dirty clothes.  Its nice and deep so it can hold up to a weeks worth of clothes but it's not too big so I can tuck it nicely into the closet and out of the way...perfect!

Well, I hope you guys liked the ideas here, and have found some that you can use to help organize your toddlers room and make your life a little easier. Let me know in the comments what room organization ideas and methods you use. I always love to hear new ideas to so I can be prepared for when she older! Happy organizing!!!

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