Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Lovin'

This has been such a fun and eventful summer! This is the first summer since my daughter was 6 months old, that I have been able to be home with her the entire summer, and it was glorious!  I have treasured every moment with my little love bug, especially since this will be her last summer as an only child.  It has been such a blessing being able to stay home with her and share these memories, memories we will have forever! Now on the eve of her going back to school (preschool but still, she'll be gone two days out of the week) I wan to look back on all the amazing memories we made as a family. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to let me know what where some of your most memorable family moments this summer.

We went to some community events, where Isabella got to pet a snake!

We went to the Santa Monica Pier

And rode on the Ferris wheel!

She played in the sand and water with her daddy!

She had her first swim class!

Where she became very comfortable, very quickly!

And graduated into the next swim level AND went down the big slide by herself!

 Went to her first birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!

We pretended to be astronauts.

We played in shaving cream, and also relaxed with the iPad.

We found this great new kids play space!

Where she practiced being a big sister.

 She had her first dance recital, and she was amazing!!

Went to her first birthday party at a trampoline house, where she bounced herself silly!

 She helped set up mommy's baby shower.


She went to a 4th of July parade AND got to use her first firework!

 And of course, got some quality play time in with daddy.

These are just the activities I took pictures of! We also went to a balloon animal show, a music show, story time at our local library, countless trips to the park, played with cousins, and of course quality snuggle time watching morning cartoons in bed together.  This has truly been an amazing summer and I am so grateful to be able to do this. I am so grateful to my husband for working so hard, that I am not only staying home, but that we are able to do all of these wonderful activities. I am truly blessed and I am in awe as I look back at what a wonderful summer we had. I hope everyone else had an amazing summer, and that your kids have a wonderful school year! Now I have to go and get Isabella's outfit ready for tomorrow!

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