Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cute and Easy DIY Kitchen Corkboard

So we recently moved to a new house and of course I've been going crazy decorating and making it feel like "home". At our old house we had a family command center, which was basically our go to area for information for our family in our home,  so I've been slowly making a new family command center here to accommodate our growing family and increasingly busy schedules. I'll go and do a full post on the entire thing once it's all done but I wanted to focus on this really cute cork board I made. It was ridiculously easy and so quick to do (it took less than half an hour). I decided to do a cork board because our refrigerator is not magnetic in the front and the sides our now covered by the nook that it sit into. So here is the tutorial.

What you'll need:
  • A roll of cork I used:

  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • modgepodge
  • Heavy books
  • command strips
  • tacks
Step 1:
The first part is obvious and very easy, measure the wall you want to put the cork board on

Step 2:
Once you have your measurement you need to unroll your cork roll and your project paper and cut them to size. Once they're cut to size place the project paper on top of your cork. Depending on what cork roll you got your cork may be wider than your project paper (mine was). If this happens all you need to do is measure out a second section and place it on your open section of cork. Note: if your 
paper has a distinct pattern on it (like min did) you need to make sure you match the patterns up so your board doesn't look off.

Step 3:
Once you have your cork and project paper measured and lined up you can now adhere them. You can use whatever adhesive you'd like, but I prefer modgepodge because it dries quickly. I suggest quickly putting a large amount on the center section of your cork and then putting the paper on it. It's easiest if you do half of the paper at a time. Once the middle section is adhered you can then put modgepodge on the perimeter of the cork to adhere the edges of the paper. It's easiest to do this in section because the modgepodge dries very quickly. Once you have placed your paper on the cork you should weigh it down with heavy books and let it sit for 15 minutes or so.

You can see a certain cutie made a cameo

Step 4:
Once your adhesive has dried you can place the board on your wall. I used command strips so I could easily take the board down if I wanted to later.  I used the velcro ones because that's what I had on hand, but they worked very well.  I used a total of eight strips; one on each corner and then two on each of the long sides spaced out evenly. By doing that I was able to make sure that the cork board would stay flush with the wall. So that's it! Its supper easy and this entire thing took me literally half an hour, with kids running around!

I also went to Target and purchased these really cute tacks that coordinate with the project paper I chose.

And there you go! Here is the end result, and I think it looks so cute in my kitchen and it fits perfectly!

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