Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Activity: Day 1

We started our advent activities today! We've been starring at our advent calendar for so long, we were all so excited to finally start it!

Today's activity was for Isabella to write a letter to Santa. I made this really cute little letter template for her  which she loved! I broke her list down into four groups: "I want", "I need", "I'll read", and "something special". I don't do the "I'll wear" category that is popular on a lot of the letter templates you see on pintrest simply because my children have so much clothing it's not even funny. On top of that every Christmas they each get Christmas outfits to wear when they go and see Santa and when family comes over on Christmas eve; they also get coordinating PJs that they wear on Christmas eve so I don't see the need for and "I'll wear" section of the letter. Although, this year Isabella put down clothes for the "I need" section so what are you going to do?

She can't spell by herself yet so I had her tell me the answers to each section and then I wrote the words out in dots, which she then traces. I'm savoring doing this because I know that with her going into kindergarden next year I won't have to do that very soon. After she wrote (traced) what she wanted she then wrote her name at the bottom and that was that! After I picked her up from school today we headed to the Macy's at our mall where they have a mailbox for Santa letters and she mailed her letter. She was so excited and so cute! I didn't realize it but the mailbox in the Macy's is for stamped letters and Macy's donated $1 to a charity (Make a wish I think) for each letter sent. I love this idea and may do that next year since I know about it now. I'm so excited to start our advent activities and can't wait to share all the fun things with you guys!

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