Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working Saturdays

My job outside the home is to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to people with developmental delays, and as a supervisor I sometimes need to work Saturdays.  While this is usually a huge bummer for me, because I don't get to spend the entire day with my family.  However, I like to put a positive spin on things...this Saturday turned into a father-daughter day.  It makes me so happy to come home and walk into the den and see my husband and daughter laying on the floor coloring. And then to have my daughter run up and tell me all the fun things she was able to do with her dad today.  It is so important for a dad and daughter to spend quality time together, away from mommy (because lets face it, moms can tend to take over the situation). I love seeing the two of them bond both with and without me. Things like this make my occasional Saturday work days worth it.

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