Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Favorite Lush Products

So, for any of you who know me, know that I am absolutely ADDICTED to Lush beauty products.  I love them because they leave my hair and skin looking and feeling amazing, I love Lush's focus on fair trade and organically grown products, I love the use of natural, preservative free ingredients, I love their emphasis on their environmental impact which leads them to compost any and all natural ingredients, reward shoppers for recycling their product packaging, and offering recycled gift wrapping. I love how the majority of their products don't have packaging which lowers their environmental impact, I love how they are a cruelty free company which does not test ANY of its products on animals and I love how they provide grants for companies and organizations that follow their core environmental and cruelty free values.

I also  just love the idea of having half an hour or an hour once a week to pamper myself, and every mom out there knows, ANY amount of "me time" is so refreshing.   As moms we tend to put ourselves last on our to-do list, after all we have a lot to worry about: raising well rounded responsible children, having a happy well fed husband, and clean house, a successful career, and maintaining our friendships, and let us not forget moms are also the official, unofficial provider for all of the pets that were "so cute" that our children promised to "feed and water" on their own.  All of these responsibilities usually leave us exhausted and often times the allure of the couch or bed overrides our desire for me time.  However, it is SO important for us moms to put us at the top of the priority list AT LEAST once a week.  We owe it to ourselves because we do so much for our families and friends, that we deserve to have some relaxation, outside of our birthday.  I also believe that it is important to put ourselves first sometimes because in the long run, putting ourselves first inevitably helps our families.  Think about it ladies, if we put ourselves first at least once a week, we are likely to feel better about ourselves, when we feel better about ourselves we are likely to feel sexier..and well we know what benefit that has for our dear hubbies.  Also, when we feel good about ourselves and are re energized we tend to be more involved with our children (duh, because we have energy), but we also start to show our children the strong, confident mom that they have, and we show them that we have value, which is an important message to send to your children regardless of their sex.  Now, I realize that this may be reading into things a bit, but I personally do see a difference in myself on the weeks I get that me time and the weeks I don't.  I feel more centered, more present, and I also feel more prepared for all the craziness that the next week has in store.  I find that Lush products help me do this the best, however you can use whatever products you prefer, or your "me time' may not be pampering per se, it may be going to a movie on your own, or having the hubby take the kids to the park for an hour so you can catch up on a favorite show, or a scheduled weekly girls night, whatever it is, we moms need to carve out weekly time for ourselves, and to not stir up that inevitable "mom guilt" I suggest finding a time when the kids are asleep so that way you don't feel like you missed out on anything.

For me, my me time consists of some nice relaxing Lush pampering. I usually try to do an at home spa day on Friday evenings after little Izzy goes to bed.  During this mini spa experience I put on my favorite hair mask, face mask, bath bombs, and bath melts. I soak for a good half hour (or however long it takes me to read a chapter or two of my current book) then I shower with my favorite Lush bath products.  Below I have listed my favorite products from Lush.  Some of these are specifically from my spa night and others are staples in my family's hygiene routine.  I hope you enjoy!

The name of this hair mask is a tongue twister, but it is SO moisturizing!  Among other ingredients it has balsamic vinegar, eggs, and bay leaves which help make your hair shiny, protect your hair and clarify your scalp.  I run it through my hair with my fingers making sure to coat all of my hair and then put it up in a pony tail or clip and let it set while I take my bath.

I use the R&B treatment after every hair wash.  I run it through my damp hair and brush and let it air dry.  I have curly hair so this really helps with my frizz and fly aways when I have it straight or curly. A little goes a long way so a pot of this surf last a long time, I use this on my daughter's hair as well and it makes it SO much more manageable. 

I LOVE the shine so bright split end treatment.  I put this on the ends of my hair in the morning and it really helps my hair revive especially after I flat iron it, this is a staple in my morning routine.

I LOVE this shampoo! It is so creamy and lathers up amazingly, and it really gets the hair mask out! It is very cleansing but gentle for processed hair like mine.  It contains mashed up bananas, cocoa and cupuacu butters, these ingredients are softening and really help damaged hair. On top of everything it smells AMAZING!!!

Veganese is a light and lanolin free conditioner that really helps give some umph to my limp hair, yes I know I really won the hair lottery with limp yet curly hair!  Not only is this conditioner vegan but the lavender in it helps care for your scalp and smells amazing as well. I think it pairs really nicely with the Blousey shampoo.

The ocean salt scrub is so amazing for my showers after my baths on my spa nights.  Basically it's a body scrub with real ocean salt that you mix together after you buy it.  It really helps get rid of dry skin when you rub it all over your body and really work the salt into the skin.  The sea salt is mixed with fresh avocado and coconut to help soften your skin as the salt removes dead skin and blockages. I really see a difference in the overall feel and look of my skin after I use it.

The ultra bland cleanser is amazing for sensitive/delicate skin.  It uses honey and beeswax as its main ingredients to help remove the dirt and gunk you collect on your face throughout the day and it softens your skin with rosewater and iris flower extract.  It works so well and my skin feels so soft after.

The celestial moisturizer is great for sensitive skin, and a little goes a LONG way. Literally a dab will do ya!  It blends cocoa butter, vanilla water and almond milk to hydrate and protect your skin.  This is by far one of my most favorite Lush buys so far!

Well, that is the main aspects of my Lush beauty regime.  I will try to put together a blog post regarding my best picks for bubble bars and bath bombs, but I have to narrow them down, because quite frankly I think they are all amazing.  If I can create a top ten list between the two then I will make an inclusive summary blog.  I hope you guys found this interesting and helpful, and I would LOVE to hear what your favorite products are!

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