Sunday, July 27, 2014

Going Green: Unpaper Towels

If you guys are following this blog at all, you know that I am working to make my home and life as "green" as I can, granted I'm not perfect, I have been making a lot of changes in our home. On Friday I received my order of unpaper towels from FabricBunches, an AMAZING shop on Etsy! I was SO excited when I saw these in her shop, I sent her a message right away.  Jen, the shop owner and maker of these amazing items was WONDERFUL!  We messaged back and forth with each other for probably a week or so trying to figure out what style and design I wanted. She was SO FAST with her responses and worked so hard to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.  We went back and forth, for so long and she was always so nice, and quick with her responses. She really bent over backwards to make sure I received the exact towels I wanted...she even special ordered fabric for me! If you want to see the items in person and hear a little more about them, check out my July Favorites video on my YouTube channel for a more in-depth description.

Seriously, Jen worked so hard to do everything she could to get my order exactly right. 34 messages and never once did she take more than 24 hours to respond, or make me feel like I was being too picky (but I know I was).

She sent me websites with fabric swatches for me to review to see if there was anything I liked that she would then order for me.

Seriously guys I even sent her a picture of my kitchen for her to be able to find coordinating fabric so everything went nicely together. SHE WAS SO HELPFUL!

The best part, is after all of our back and forth, she was completely honest with me on what she thought would look nice.  As you can see in the messages above she was not afraid to tell me if she didn't think colors or patterns would work well together, and I personally like that.  I LOVE to work with a shop owner that is SO DEDICATED and who will be honest with me and not just be a "yes man" and have me end up with a not so nice looking product. Also, if you look at the message dates you will see that my message and her response were on the same day, on this particular day we went back and forth a number of times.So I would say that a 24 your turn around time for a response was the LONGEST I had to wait, most of the time I received a response within hours! I have worked with a lot of Etsy shops in the mast couple months and FabricBunches definitely is one of my favorites!

So not only was the customer service and my overall experience wight he shop AMAZING, the product is AMAZING as well! I received the towels about three days before the due date which was wonderful and they are exactly what I wanted.  The colors of the patterns are so vibrant and look exactly like the swatches did.  The stitching is amazing! Very strong stitching that when I inspected it didn't have any loose threads or fraying.  All of the cuts are straight and even on both sides. The two long sides of each towel have three snap buttons on them which allow you to snap all the cloth towels together and then roll them up just like a regular paper towel so they can fit on your paper towel holder! The snap buttons are very strong and put on perfectly, they are all even so you won't have any difficulty lining them up.

The towels come with two different sides, one side is a very SOFT patterned flannel material that is perfect for cleaning up messes where you are concerned about streaking. I use this side to clean messes from my fridge or off of my wood floors, and it doesn't streak at all, the flannel does a wonderful job absorbing the liquid without leaving any streaks.  The other side is a solid color terry cloth which is perfect for larger messes where you need more absorption. I use this side when my daughter spills her drink on the table, or on our couch. The mess is absorbed so quickly and efficiently.

Once I have used the towel I personally like to rinse them off, just to make sure that they don't stain (this is not a necessity though) and then you just put them in either a wet bag or grocery bag until you clean them. To clean them, you just toss them into the washing machine and then into the dryer without fabric softeners and you are good to go! I have had these towels for only a couple days and I am SO happy with them...even my husband uses them and likes them!!! I will absolutely be ordering from FabricBunches again, the speed, customer service, and QUALITY of the item is simply amazing, especially for the price!!!! SO, here are MY unpaper towels from FabricBunches, and I will certainly be ordering more...and soon!

Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen! I am SO in love with these, it's not even funny. You have GOT to go check out FabricBunches as she has unpaper towels, cloth wipes, wet bags and so much more! And the BEST part (besides the amazing products) is that Jen, the shop owner and creator, has generously decided to offer a shop coupon for 15% off of your order! Simply type in BUSYMOM15 at checkout and get your 15% off!!! This coupon is good until September 30, 2014 so hurry over and see her amazing products, you will be blown away just like I was!!!!

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