Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Shower Overview

Hey everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA int he blogosphere these past few days, between my baby shower and dealing with technical difficulties with my editing system (a new YouTube video IS on the way, I just need to stop by the apple store ASAP) I have neglected my blogs...but no more!  For this post I wanted to give an overview of my baby shower!  It was simply amazing and I feel so blessed with the amount of love that was shown to myself and baby Charlie. We had a pretty big crowd...over 40 people, and it was SO much fun!! I received pretty much everything I needed/wanted, and the nursery is a complete mess with all of the stuff, I even have to wait for the trash to be picked up so I can finish putting all of the wrapping paper in the recycling! So here is a picture overview of my amazing shower! P.s. Sorry for the grainy pictures, they were taken with a phone. :)






I am still in complete amazement as to how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family in my life! Baby Charlie received so many great outfits, and necessity items, and people were so nice to include Isabella in the present giving. It was such and amazing experience!

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