Sunday, March 6, 2016

DIY Birdcage Table Centerpieces

As part of the house craft frenzy I've been on lately (see: fabric cross, height chart, rustic chic twig art, cork board) I fell in LOVE with birdcage decorations. I knew I wanted to use them in my decor somehow but I wasn't sure exactly how (I mean, there are so many possibilities). But I eventually decided on making a beautiful centerpiece for our dinning room table. Our table is pretty long (over 6 feet) and is the first thing people see when they enter the house so I wanted something eye catching to draw everyones attention.  I decided on using three separate birdcages and putting them together to make one large centerpiece. Now, I completely forgot to take pictures of each step since my daughter was helping me make these and I needed to watch her instead but I did take a lot of after pictures!


  • Three (3) wire birdcages any color. I got these from Michael's.  They should be three different sizes, or at least on small one.
  • One small flat candle stand (this is to raise one of your cages to make it bigger).
  • Hot glue
  • Three blocks of moss covered foam-cut to fit the base of the cages
  • Fake moss
  • Fake flowers and vines
  • Fake succulents
  • Small garden decorations (birds, butterflies, etc)
So the steps themselves are very simple. First you need to cut the foam to fit the bottom of the cage.  Use the fake moss to cover any exposed foam. Once your foam is cut hot glue it onto the bottom of the cage. Once all of the glue is dry you can start putting in your fake flowers.  Your stems are going to be too long to fit into the cages when closed so you will need to cut them down.  I just measured the inside of the cage from the foam and then cut the stems to that size.  

I didn't worry about glueing the stems down I just pushed the bottoms into the foam and they stayed in place nicely.  Make sure you start putting flowers in the back of the cage first and then move forward with the shorter stems so you can see everything.  Once you've placed all your flowers and vines you can go in with your succulents. I just hot glued them down around the flower stems to add some more dimension. I then glued the small garden decorations onto the foam block and the succulents. 

When I was decorating the cages I made sure to use the same color flowers and have succulents in each cage for consistency so they would all look like one centerpiece, but I also put more decorations in the larger cages than the smaller ones. Additionally, I placed the vines low to the ground on the sides and front of the cages so they would cascade out of the cage and wrap around each other. 

Finally, I had to make one of the large cages higher than the others because I wanted a small, medium, and large cascade for my centerpiece. The easiest way to do this was I purchased a small candle holder for a large round candle; 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches high.  I spray painted it white and then hot glued it onto the bottom of one of the cages to make it higher than the others.

So that's it! Sorry again for not having pictures of each step, but I do have a bunch of pictures of the completed product down below. I hope you enjoy. Happy crafting! 



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